Awesome service from NeilD @quadlockcase replacement for my broken mount is getting sent To Thailand!

It’s a long time since I’ve been on this site and a lot of water under the bridge since my previous post from Les Gets in March 2015! However, whilst in my enforced COVID quarantine in Bangkok I managed to get myself an invite to Larry Sangers new idea of a MiniFeed it transpires that it is a new theme for my beloved WordPress so I got them to instal it on this site.

Not a good time for local social interaction to be locked in a hotel room 24 hours a day and not allowed to meet anyone face to face. This is day 11 of 15 so not long to go..


My first truly social day since starting this blog all of 3 days ago!

Nick & Sian, who used to be tenants of mine back in Cambridge big house days but who now live in Geneva with their two charming daughters text me yesterday to see if I  fancied meeting up.

So just before 11, after a bit of confusion about skiing/boarding/walking, we decided to go for a walk around Bonnavaz, unfortunately the restaurant owners had decided to go climbing for the day! We meandered up the road towards Encrenaz avoiding the skiers pounding down 🙁  a gorgeous day in the sun all be it a bit slow due to Nick’s gammy knee and the smaller of the girls dilly dallying along. Leaving plenty of time to socialise and discuss the state of banking and living in Switzerland.

1-P1000132After an hour we returned to the tank and with the help of two others we managed to get it out of the hole where it was parked, pretty rubbish 4WD I thought for a BMW 🙁

Then onward to Le Praz De Lys, where we discovered a sun drenched terrace with not a skier insite 🙂 great lunch and a perfect place to socialize.

Definitely an excellent way to spend 4 hours in great company. Lets hope it can be repeated..

Then back to Carrefour and the busy assistants to buy some wine & lettuce for dinner.

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1-P1000120A sunny day today so eventually I ventured out for a short ride on the board and visited Gary & Gareth at the La Grande Ourse, as friendly and conversational as always and a major part of My Social World in Les Gets. Didn’t meet any of their other  customers today as everyone was on the terrace sunning themselves and admiring the view of Mont Blanc – as Gary said if he got a pound for every picture taken…

I tried out the bakery near the church for my snack but the lady is rather sour not even a  smile 🙁

In preparation for future years I decided to check out the La Grange apartments, I found the reception not so sociable plus it seems quite expensive.

Then Carrefour for some broccoli on offer at 99 cents, a sociable smile whilst waiting for my 1 cent change.

Thinking whether I should include telephone calls as real social interactions on here…

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Due to the bitterly cold high winds today I copped out of sitting on freezing  cold chairlifts and instead lounged in the sun on the Clic Clac reading Englanders & Huns by James Hawes so all very anti social 🙁

The ladies at Le Petit Four know me so well now that my Pain Nordique appears on the counter as soon as I walk in 🙂 I don’t even get asked à couper le pain so totally minimum interaction except for lovely smiles all round.

Next stop was Carrefour were both I and the cashier were frustrated by the lady in front of me, one of the classic types who fumbled around for her money, surprised she had to pay and pack away her stuff.

I guess if I could speak French there would be more interaction but maybe not..

Wall brackets for skis etcOn the way back I called in to see Thierry & Baptiste some conversation in English of course but they were obviously busy.

Interestingly the cunning ski brackets they have he found in a skip! A man of my own heart, No indication as to their manufacturer except for an obtuse logo

I did manage one new interaction today – the local librarianm he was delighted to be offered 50 or so English novels from the apartments stockpile. Must start getting their names though 🙂

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Well not quite the start as I’ve already been around for 24,692 days and have several other blogs etc.

How_much_is_www_mysocialworld_com_estimated_website_worth_What precipitated the renactment of this particular domain was a request from Mike in Las Vegas to purchase it, he offered $500 I wrote back with the value from which suggested a price of $4,174 at which Mike fell of his chair and ended any further negotiation.

However, it got me thinking especially after an email from Michael regarding selling my ‘retreat’ and reading Steve Pavlina’s post about social minefields. So this morning at 5am I turned of the defunct Tumblr site and created this WordPress one and decided to try documenting all the people I meet on my travails. The posts will be short as I don’t meet very many 🙁

So thank you Michael’s for the push to get me started…

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